As an information systems engineering company, Sevways main focus is to provide tailor-made management solutions.

Our team is skilled and experienced on develop and implement SAGE X3, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and HR Online (Human Resources).  







We have three types of IT Managed Services:

1. Service Desk
Our team has a consolidated history of Service Desk and works on Atlassian JIRA which is a cloud software to provide an enterprise class assistance to customers all over the world.
Through Atlassian JIRA, we can control all support tickets per company and we have the support requests history of all customers. It’s a cloud software which allows us to provide quick answer to our customers.

2. Insourcing
Companies can delegate on Sevways some responsibilities related to manage their networks and systems.
Our team is available to manage the computer park of other companies and give technical support, remotely or in the customer facilities.

3. Web Security
Sevways implements web security products, using Trend Micro for small businesses and Fortinet solutions for small and medium businesses.
These security systems are easy-to-manage, block threats, activate reports to enforce policies and provide centralized visibility and control.
If you need to know which the best web security solution for your company, contact us.